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Comic 67 - Boys Part Ways
19th Feb 2011, 6:07 AM in The Wiseboy Aurus
Boys Part Ways
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Author Notes:
Kaxen edit delete
I'm not sure if it's weird to ask "Is your father proud of you?" after someone says something spectacularly stupid. Vito assumes Aurus is mooching money off his father. Though I guess "Is your father proud of you?" is a little more evasive than "Are you okay with being that stupid?" and Vito just learned that Aurus is friends with mobsters... even if Aurus doesn't seem to know he's friends with mobsters.

In fiction, it seems to like peculiarly large proportion of orphaned children think that meeting/knowing their biological parent(s) would somehow fix everything wrong with their lives... Followed by either "Why, yes, your biological parents are cool! Your lineage gives you an excuse to go on an epic quest! Forget that kindly old couple that spent time and money raising you!" or some sort of moral about how family is who loves you rather than who you share DNA with.

Aurus is not one of those children.

According to him, his parents abandoned him, that means they don't love him, and are therefore evil and not worth associating with.